We released a lot of videos during the development of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. here you can find all trailers, gameplay videos and behind-the-scenes footage.


Gameplay Presentation

You don’t know what this is all about? Then watch this video!

Kickstarter Pitch

See how we presented BoUT2 for our Kickstarter campaign.

A special message from Wilbur and Nate

See what the two have to say about the reached Kickstarter funding goal.

The Backstory

You never played BoUT1? In this video we explain the story to you!

Other Roles

Wilbur explains to Nate what he was up to after BoUT1 came out.

Projection Mapping

This video explains a cool 3D effect we use in our game.

KING Art Video-Logs

Video-Log #001: The Arrival

Watch how Danica’s expected journey ended with an unexpected arrival.

Video-Log #002: Graphic Designers, Programers and Game Designers

Take the KING Art studio tour! Danica explains the different departmens and how everything is tied together.

Video-Log #003: Location Design

Danica shows you step by step how we make a scene for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Video-Log #004: Character Modelling and Animation

Danica shows you how we were trying to raise the bar in modelling and animation of our characters.

Video-Log #005: London Voice Recordings – Wilbur

Witness with Danica how one of the voice actors is breathing life into one of our main characters.

Video-Log #006: London Voice Recordings – Various Characters

We record the voices for many more characters at the OMUK Studios in London.

Video-Log #007: Prague orchestra Recordings – Part 1

In this video you can witness the live recordings of the Soundtrack in Prague.

Video-Log #008: Mark Estale of OMUK studios

Danica interviews the chief of OMUK studios to learn about the importance of language in games.

Video-Log #009: Prague orchestra Recordings – Part 2

Here you can watch more footage of the orchestral recordings.

Video-Log #010: Writing and Prototyping

Danica explains to you the ingredients for a good adventure game.

Video-Log #011: Visual Effects

Danica explains to you how we light up our scenes to create a magical atmosphere.

More videos: